Edward Snowden is...oh wait...who cares. Print
Written by bad_brain   
Wednesday, 03 July 2013 21:44

Let me check if we are alone....hmm...ok. So, now I can reveal some secrets that will blow your mind, Edward Snowden style:

  • Water is wet
  • Stupid people are usually pretty dumb
  • Many mountains elevate above sea level
  • black is not a color

Alrighty then, now I will have to pack my stuff and get to the next airport (note to myself: don't forget missile launcher against the ACLU helicopters) where I can live for the rest of my life from snicker bars and duty free vodka. I mean, all the secrets I uncovered are not more or less stunning than the one Snowden uncovered...which is:



  • secret services spy on people


But hey, I understand why many people are outraged about that, they most likely thought secret services sneak around at night to get kitties off from trees, give lollies to babies while mum isn't looking, and manipulate candy vending machines so they return the coins after you got the candy bar. Good I have revealed the secret about "stupid people are usually pretty dumb" already, so now we don't have to wonder about this anymore, right?

But wait, I guess he is maybe a totally nice person who always dreamed of inventing a cure for cancer, and that's why he joined the NSA/CIA....and not because he loved the idea of being someone who can spy on others (for what reason ever, may it be patriotism or simply for getting a stiffy about invading other people's privacy legally). And I am also sure he never did anything bad, right? He definitely always said "noo...can't do that" when he got the order to do things he is now blowing his huge whistle of hypocrisy about. Pfft. Yeah. You wish.

The people being so upset about what Snowden reverse farted into his whistle suffer from OOD, because they take this whole thing totally personal (yeah, your oh-so-important lives are definitely the talk of the day in the CIA headquarters, huh?) and are obviously not able to see that it's not about them, it's about the people who are a danger to the inner security of a country, and also about economic interests (oh no, they spy on foreign companies so the domestic companies have benefits from the gained info!).

People like Snowden can only be labeled as "hero" in times where values like integrity and honor are outlawed.

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