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Written by bad_brain   
Thursday, 24 January 2013 19:42

In the long list of sorts of people I feel nothing but contempt for one group is always good for a rank in the top 5, and you find them on Facebook.

It's a little hard to describe them with one sentence, so I will list some of their modes of behavior, and I am sure you have seen some of them too already waddling through their natural habitat (Facebook and other social retard networks) like chimpanzees on a mix of meth and LSD:

  • they have oh-so-cool artificial middle names. not real nicknames, nobody ever calls them that way in real life (if they would ask for it people would laugh at them), but they would really like to be called that way because:
  • they have a severe personality deficiency. besides their "I am such a bore, maybe a silly middle name will distract from it" strategy they also:
  • try to bloat their empty personality even more by attributing themselves to oh-so-cool (like their middle names) groups like anonymous, illuminati, discordians, or the ymca.



  • they are all extremely intelligent. yes, really. at least that's their excuse for having no education, no halfway decent job, or any skills....they are self-proclaimed victims of an unfair society that treats lazy assholes super-intelligent people bad.
  • besides their extremely superior intelligence they are also ALL experts in EVERYTHING. especially in IT of course....that's because they usually spent half their lives with totally pointless online bullshittery (like "trolling" or posting 24/7 on Usenet1). of course they don't have an idea about IT at all....copy&paste googlers they are.
  • they hate everything that has to do with Christians. because you can offend Christians without getting into real danger. it's comfy. no guts needed. but they sell it as some kind of heroic rebellion. go to Iran or Saudi Arabia and insult Allah, you pathetic cowards.


Facebook retard


In the last days I stumbled over more and more of those proofs that "survival of the fittest" should really start to play a bigger role again, and what really made me laugh facepalm was the post that can be seen in the pic above.  I mean, can those self-proclaimed IT experts with their superior intellignece (<- typo on purpose) still not know what a silly viral panic chain post is? years ago it was "FB will not be free anymore!" and I am damn sure they also posted and shared that.

and "some hackers"? link? "something"? again: link? and how the hell should that even work? what has the pic and the name to do with it? ever heard of user IDs? hello-o? gawd...can anyone hand me a Desert Eagle, an address list, diplomatic immunity and free flight tickets? it's really time for survival of the fittest, we can not accept that such people breed for much longer....the idiocy gene is dominant.


1especially funny in context with those elitist ex-Usenet retards is the fact that they are now using Facebook, which is a website...and in their Usenet days they have been looking down at the so-called "webbies". now they became "webbies" themselves, isn't that a little inconsequent?




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#3 awsum blog..handsomeharsh 2013-02-15 07:25
awsum blohg
#2 RE: Facebook - The fountain of IT illiteracybad_brain 2013-02-03 23:28
Quoting pfour:
lost it at ymca :D

come on, those are all guys in leather outfits, also cowboys and indians! I wouldn't mess with them! :D
#1 RE: Facebook - The fountain of IT illiteracypfour 2013-02-01 15:30
lost it at ymca :D

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