VX Heavens down Print
Written by bad_brain   
Monday, 02 April 2012 20:42

The great malware archive VX Heavens (and yes, it was REALLY an archive, such cool really old malware to find on it) has been closed by the Ukrainian authorities a week ago.

Here the announcement on the site:

Dear friends

How you can see, the VX Heavens server is unreachable since 23.03.2012. VX Heavens' administration sincerelly apologies for the inconvenience caused to You.

For many years we were tried hard to establish a reliable work of the site, which supplied you with a professional quality information on systems security and computer virology. We do always believed that a true research in any field (computer virology included) is only possible in the atmosphere of trust, openness and mutual assistance.


Friday, 23 March, the server has being seized by the police forces due to the criminal investigation (article 361-1 Criminal Code of Ukraine - the creation of the malicious programs with an intent to sell or spread them) based on someone's tip-off on "placement into the free access malicious software designed for the unauthorized breaking into computers, automated systems, computer networks".

The absurdity of such statement we need to prove in the court...

We are sorry, but until the case is still open we are unable to offer our services in any form.

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