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Category: Gaming
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JChessboard Version:1.5

JChessBoard is a chess game written in Java that can be connected to another JChessBoard via a direct TCP/IP connection. No Internet Chess Server is required for playing. Created
2011-05-02 00:10:23
192.82 KB
Web Chess Version:0.9.0

An online chess game using PHP/MySQL on the backend and HTML/JavaScript on the front-end, which includes move validation, CHECK checking, pawn promotion and undo. It also has a login system which allows multiple simultaneous games. Created
2011-05-02 00:10:23
105.78 KB
HSLW Version:1.1.6

HLSW is a powerful gaming and administration tool, useful for ambitious gamers and also for professional server administrators. From easy connecting to gameservers to live reporting of a match into an Internet Relay Chat, everthing is possible with HLSW. Because HLSW was made by gamers for gamers, the main focus was to develop an ergonomic design.

2010-07-19 20:44:38
1.67 MB