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Saturday, 21 August 2010 20:20

Mulder, Scully, help! Featured

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Earlier I just came back from biking and wanted to check my emails, for the account I got a nice "connection failed"

Ok, there was a pretty extensive OS update a few hours before, so I restarted the mail server to see if maybe something kinda stuck during the update procedure....but nope, still the same. So I used telnet to connect to the mail server to check for the general functionality, and it worked....but wait...why to hell do I get the greeting message of the old vserver (where suck-o v1 was on) instead of the new dedicated...and again: WTF?!


next: ping returned the old IP! the fun part: ping returned the proper one...XD

I suspected the domain service to have problems, so I prepared everything to move the domain to my own registrar service, but first I wanted to make sure not to cause a downtime of 1-2 hours because of a problem on my I pinged from one of my other servers, and it worked fine! so I suspected my ISP and called a buddy to ask him to check for his ping replies (he uses another ISP), and there we go: it worked properly for him.


as last test I decided to boot into Win7 (did 2 XP reboots and 2 ipfconfig /flushdns already without any effect), and on Win7 all was fine...XD

so I booted back into XP and already thought about where to look for the problem, because I knew it must be on XP.....but now: all fine again!

the best part I don't understand at all is: where to hell XP got the old suck-o IP from? it's not possible that it was cached somewhere because I did a full new XP setup a week ago, and there isn't even a website on the old server anymore that I could have visited in the meantime.....maybe my computer was kidnapped by aliens last night, who knows...

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