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Thursday, 17 May 2012 15:34

When Karma pays

Had the first of the computer lessons now for the older children up to 19 years old and have a perfect class of 12. The arena we have been using we got 30 of the children and payed them all to help clean it all up, We mopped it all and swept it all and taught the children about recycling.

When ya do good things karma does shine down on ya, but it has been one hard month. Opened a bank account for the funding which i will have the details for tomorrow and got our first donation off a French bloke who really liked what we are doing and couldnt believe it when he asked who was funding it and we told him no one, he gave us $20 which gave us a lift.

We have now got a small house rent free which was the biggest of our expenditures and all we have to pay towards is the electric water and internet. The bed cost me a months rent but now we have everything and this i can stay in anytime i am here, home sweet home.

The children are lovely and the locals treat me like im one of them, no more tourist prices now, its local prices for us and this just makes me want to stay longer and longer.

Extended my visa now for the second month so i can do this once more, need to keep going and hopefully get that 6 month visa stamped if we can find a sponsor. Crowd funding will be launched soon, it will cost £26,000 to build a school on the and we have and it ill have 3 floors, a farm, a sports area, a natural compost toilet and free electricity.

If someone asked me whats my dream, all i can say is im living it :)

Children dont half wear you out, wish Saturday was a day off for tomorrow but here school is every day....except for Monday lol, well its no good trying to teach english for one day a week.

The community is hearing lots about what we are doing here and many people are coming just to look and then the word is spreading quicker and quicker. The more that people hear we are doing this for free the more children are turning up. We started with 12 children 3 days ago and tomorrow we are now looking at around 40 that will be coming tomorrow and Sunday.

With help and support i will be continuing this for one year then il be looking at coming to England for a holiday...... sounds crazy lol.

These children are making so much progress so fast it goes to show, all they needed was a chance. I am thankful that i got chances in my life which i took, now its good to repay the favor and give them to chances to those who otherwise would never be given it, a chance to LIVE!!!

Thursday, 03 May 2012 02:42

Just another day in Bali?

Well its 8:50am and i have just woke up, went to bed at 1am and this is the longest I have slept since i got here.Did a 3 hour class yesterday with 12 children and having lots of fun while teaching is very satisfying in deed. Class starts at 2pm today again and really looking forward to it. 

After school I was invited to a babys 3 month ceremony, these people are Hindu and it is their equivalent to our christening / baptism but here the ceremony lasts 4 days, 3 days for the preparation then the last day is the main event, that is today and il be joining them again after class has finished. Its a honor to be invited to these events it really is.

After this i was invited to where one of the local bands were playing and invited to sit and chat with them when finished. They were all asking me plenty of questions and asking why i come to teach children for free when it costs me to do these lessons daily. I explain to them that my gratification comes from making these children happy and knowing that I am giving something back to these communities which is only going to make them stronger. I told them that if i was offered a million for doing a job that it would never give me as much satisfaction as what i am doing now for free.

The guys then asked me what i would like to gain for myself while being in Bali.... the only thing i would like for myself is to maybe learn to meditate properly and maybe learn Yoga. They told me that i was already doing a form of the highest yoga you could do, giving love to these children, I listened intently and explained what i thought yoga was, they told me i may have a lot to learn about myself but i definitely am practicing one of the highest forms possible.

Both these guys are a little younger than myself and what i saw next was amazing if not unbelievable unless you saw this with your own eyes. They asked me what i knew about energy etc and we had a little discussion and they both told me about their own energy which although similar was not the same.

One of them asked for a coin, not one they had but one that they had not touched. The coin was metal and i checked the coin and this was definitely not a trick of the mind. He proceeded to meditate with the coin in his hand and seemed to transfer his energy to the coin before placing it on the table in front of me, They then told me to pick up the coin, the coin was HOT. On the table was little bits of ash from the coin, this was explainable.

The other person then took hold of my wrist and showed me how he can transfer energy and told me trust him. He took a lit cigarette and held it above his own arm while holding my wrist. Within a few seconds I had to withdraw my hand fast as the heat was so unbearable that i had to take some water and pour it over my wrist. I had 3 marks on my wrist from the burn which he said do not worry they will be gone soon, no doubt i have woken this morning with not a sign of anything at all. 

These people have offered me free lessons in meditation and to teach me properly and to teach me for free in exchange for what i am trying to do here. To say i am gobsmacked is an understatement. 

When i got back to my place of residence i was talking to the locals about the nights events when i learned that they had once visited a good man who was bed ridden and maybe had a day to live, these people sat with this man for over 24 hours in complete silence, although no one knows exactly what happened that night this man still lives 2 years later. 

The locals call these people Holy men, they are probably 2 of the most sincere and humble people i have ever met in my life. 

My life is changing daily and so much for the better, words cannot explain what is happening to me right now but emotional is definitely one of them.

Thank you world for sending these gifts of life to guide me through the light.

Monday, 30 April 2012 12:53

Simplified Trustee Document


Simplified Trustee Document


Each Layer of Trustee’s will be set into a group of 12


Meetings between each group of 12 will be held every month to discuss any problems or successes and allocation of funding.


Settlers (executors) must not be related in any way or form.


If any 3 consecutive meetings are missed or any single meeting without notification then a new trustee will be put in place.


For each group of 12 trustees they will be  allocated two executives (settlers).


Each village will have its own bank account once trust is set up and working.


If funding is required money will be distributed from the main bank (Allet’s) to the local bank


All funding distributed must be for only what is needed and all receipts must be presented back to the main bank for transparency


Any receipts not shown and the trustee will be replaced by a new trustee


Each trustee will be responsible for allocating the 2 (settlers) from the next layer of trustees.


All trustees will be accountable and to be checked up on at any time by the 2 (settlers) at any given time for spot checks.


Document must be signed and witnessed with both PRINTED name and SIGNATURE and DATE







This Deed of Public Foundation Trust executed on __________ between Holonx Group  and ........................... herein refereed to as the TRUSTEE ........................

Resident of .............................hereinafter called the 'Settlor'(which expression shall,

unless excluded by or repugnant to the context, be deemed to include his executors,

administrators and representatives) of the one part, and

(1) .............................. (2)................................... (3)..............................

(4)............................... (5)................................... (6)..............................

(7)............................... (8)................................... (9)..............................

(10)............................. (11)................................. (12)............................

hereinafter jointly referred to as 'trustees' (which expression shall, unless excluded by or

repugnant to the context, be deemed to include the trustee or trustees for the time being of

these presents and their successors in office) of the other part.

Whereas the Settlor is desirous of establishing a trust for public charitable objects.

And whereas the trustees have, at the request of the settlor, agreed to act as the first trustees

of these presents as testified by their being parties to and executing these presents.

And whereas it is necessary to declare the objects and terms of the public charitable trust,

being constituted under these presents.

Now this indenture witnesseth as follows

1. That the name of the trust shall be HolonX Group Trust and its office shall, for the

present, be situated at Lovina, Bali and/or at such other place or places as

the trustees may decide from time to time.

2. That the objects for which this trust is established are:

(a) To establish, develop, maintain and grant aid in cash or in kind to schools, orphanages

schools, villages, communities and/or such other similar charitable institutions in Bali for the

benefit and use of the general public.

(b) To establish, run, support and grant aid or other financial assistance to schools,

colleges, libraries, reading rooms, communities of the like nature in Bali, Indonesia, for use of the students and the staff and also

for the development and advancement of education and diffusion of knowledge

amongst the public in general.

(c) To establish, maintain and run studentships, scholarships and render other kind of aid

to students including supply of books, stipends, medals and other incentives to study,

without any distinction as to caste, colour, race, creed or sex.

(d) To promote, establish, support, maintain or grant aid to institutions for the promotion

of science, literature, music, drama and fine arts, for the preservation of education and future food, clothing or other projects in Bali, Indonesia, having similar objects for the benefit of the public in general.

(e) To establish, maintain or grant aid to orphanages or other establishments for the relief and help to the poor, needy and destitute people and orphans and to provide them education, books, pens or other commodities needed.

That the Trust Fund may be augmented by the income from the initial fund and also by

donations and other contributions from time to time.

That the Trust Fund shall not be applied for any purpose other than those specified in Para

2 here-in-above.

That the Trustees shall always maintain proper accounts of the Trust which shall be kept at

the office of the trust.

That for the furtherance of the objects of the trust, the trustees shall have the following


(a) To accept any donation, contribution, grant or subscription in cash or in kind, from any

person(s), body of persons or trust, with or without conditions.

(b) To apply the whole or any part of the income of the trust, or the trust fund or

accumulations thereto, to any one or more of the objects of the trust, as the trustees

may, in their discretion, deem fit from time to time.

(c) To convert and deal with the trust property and/or any investments for the time being.

(d) To invest the Trust Fund either in the purpose of mortgage of immovable property or

in shares, stock or debentures or other securities and investments, or in deposits with

or loans to any company, bank, firm or any other person, and to alter, vary or transpose

such investments, from time to time at the discretion of the trustees.

(e) To borrow or raise or secure payments of moneys and also to lend money either with

or without security.

(f) To sell, dispose of, alienate or otherwise deal with any property comprising the Trust


(g) To let out, demise any immovable property comprised in the Trust Fund for such

period and at such rent on such terms and conditions as the Trustees in their discretion

may think fit.

(h) To open account in the name of the Trust, Trustees and/or Institutions run/ conducted

by the Trust with a Bank or Banks, to operate such account and to give instructions to

the Bank and to provide for opening and operation of such account by one or more of

the Trustees or by an agent appointed by the Trustees.

To adjust, settle, compromise, compound, refer to arbitration, all actions, suits, claims,

demands and proceedings regarding the Trust Fund.

To appoint constituted attorneys or agents and to delegate to such attorneys or agents

all or any of the powers vested on them under these presents and from time to time

remove such attorneys or agents and to appoint other or others in his or their place.

To appoint or make provision for the appointment of any person (including all or any

of the Trustees and committees or administrator or Managing Trustees or otherwise)

for the purpose of the administration of the Trust in such manner and subject to such

rules and regulation as the Trustees may prescribe and also to appoint or provide for

the appointment of separate Trustees to hold any fund or investment subject to the

provisions of this Deed in such manner and subject to such rules and regulations as the

Trustees may from time to time think fit.

To make, vary, alter or modify schemes, rules and regulations for carrying out the

objects of the Trust and for the management of the affairs thereof and/or running any

institution in furtherance of the objects of the Trust and otherwise for giving effect to

the objects of the Trust.

To start, abolish, discontinue and restart any charity or charitable institutions for the

benefit of general public and to impose any conditions to any subscription or donation

made by them.

To set apart and/or allocate the whole or a part of the income or the corpus of the trust

Fund or part thereof for any of the objects of the Trust.

To join, co-operate or amalgamate this trust with other or others having kindred or

allied objects, upon such terms and conditions as the trustees may in their discretion

think fit, particularly having regard to and in conformity with the objects and nature of

this Trust.

To give aid by way of donations out of the income or the corpus of the Trust Fund or

otherwise, to different charitable institutions, societies, organizations or Trusts in India

which may have been established or which may hereafter be established for the like

charitable purposes mentioned in these presents or any of them to enable such

institution, societies, Organization or Trustees to start maintain, or carry out such

charitable objects.

To settle all accounts and to compromise, compound, abandon, or refer to arbitration

any action or proceedings or disputes, claim, demand or things, as deemed proper for

such purpose without being responsible for any loss occasioned thereby.

To borrow moneys either on the security of any property comprised in the Trust Fund

or otherwise for all or any of the purposes of these presents, and it shall be lawful for

the Trustees to make such borrowings on payment of such interest and otherwise on

such terms and conditions as they may in their absolute discretion think fit.

To apply to the Government, public bodies, urban, local, municipal, district and other

bodies, corporation, companies, or persons for and to accept grant of money and of

aid, donations, gifts, subscriptions, and other assistance with a view to promoting the

objects of the trust and to discuss and negotiate with the Government Departments,

public and other bodies corporations, companies or persons, scheme and other work

and matters within the o6jects of the Trust and to conform to any proper condition

upon which such grants and other payments may be made.

To take over or amalgamate with any other charitable trust, society, association, or

institution with similar objects.

To establish, promote, manage, organise or maintain or to assist in establishing,

promoting, managing, organising, or maintaining any branch of the Trust or any

other Trust or its branch with objects similar to those of this Trust and to promote

or carry on the affiliation or amalgamation of such other Trust with this Trust.

To take over, acquire, manage, control or aid any existing institution or institutions

having objects either wholly or in part similar to the objects of this Trust and on

such terms and conditions as may be thought expedient.

To purchase or otherwise acquire and undertake all or any part of the property,

assets, liabilities and engagement of any or more of the trusts, societies, institutions

or associations with which this Trust is authorized to amalgamate.

To transfer all or any part of the property, assets, liabilities and engagements of this

Trust to any one or more of the trust, societies, institutions or associations with

which this Trust is authorised to amalgamate.

To transfer and hand over the Trust to any other Society, Corporation, Institution,

Trust or Organisation on such terms and conditions as the Trustees shall in their

absolute discretion think fit and proper to be held by the Society, Corporation,

Institution, Trust or Organisation with the powers, provisions, agreements and

declarations, appearing and contained in these presents subject to such

modifications as may be necessary and consequent to such transfer of the Trust

fund. The Trustees for the time being of these presents shall become discharged

from the Trust thereof relating to Trust Funds so transferred.

8. The Trustees shall be accountable only for such moneys, stocks, shares and funds as

shall actually come into their hands and a Trustee shall not be answerable or

accountable for neglect, default, acts or omissions or commissions of the other trustees,

nor of any banker or other person with whom the trust properties or any securities may

have been deposited or kept.

9. The Trustees will not be entitled to receive any remuneration, but the Trustees may

reimburse themselves all expenses actually incurred by them in connection with the

Trust or their duties relating thereto.

10. The number of the Trustees shall not be less than two and more than seven. If the

number of the trustees shall fall below two, the Trustees shall not, except for the

purposes of filling any vacancy, act so long number is below the said minimum.

11. The managing trustees for the time being will be at liberty to appoint additional Trustee

within the number mentioned above for such period or on -such terms as to retirement

and re-appointment as the trustees for the time being considered proper. A person shall

cease to be a Trustee either: (i) if he without leave of absence does not attend three

consecutive meetings of the Trustees or for one calendar year, whichever is longer, or

(ii) if he is requested to resign by 3/4th or as near thereto as possible of the remaining


12. Every Trustee will be at liberty to resign on giving one month's notice of his intention to

do so.

13. The Trustees may from time to time frame rules for the conduct and regulations of the

meetings Of trustees. In the absence of such regulations:-

(a) _________________________________________________________

(b) _________________________________________________________

(c) _________________________________________________________

Two Trustees shall form a quorum for a meeting of the Trustees.

All matters will be decided mutually by the Trustees.

Resolution passed without any meeting of the Trustees but by circulation thereof

and evidenced in writing under the hands of two thirds of the trustees shall be as

valid and effectual as a Resolution duly passed at a meeting of Trustees.

14. The Trustees shall have the power to determine in case of doubt whether any moneys or

property shall for the purpose of the charity be considered as capital or income and

whether out of income or capital any expenses or outgoings ought to be paid or borne

and every such determination shall be binding and conclusive provided that nothing

contained shall be deemed to authorise the Trustees to spend the income or corpus of

the Trust for any purpose not authorised by these presents.

15. The accounting year of the Trust shall be the financial year ending on 3lst March every


16. The Trust and the Trust funds shall be and irrevocable for all times.

17. The office of the Trust shall be situated at Delhi unless changed by the Trustees by two

thirds majority.

18. It is expressly declared that no part of the Trust property or its income or any accretion

thereto shall be applied for any purpose outside India or for any Purpose which is not a

charitable purpose in law, and all provisions hereof shall be construed accordingly.

In witness whereof the parties hereto have hereunto seen and subscribed their respective

hands, on the day, month and year first mentioned hereinabove.





(Settlor's Signature _____________)

(Trustee's Signatures _____________)

Sunday, 29 April 2012 03:00

When a man/womans work is never done

So its 16.10 here now and its tea time so having 2 hrs rest now. Its been 100 mile an hour since i landed in Lovina, got some video footage today at the rice fields while the crop was being harvested. I go back later to help again as we now plough the fields and sow the seeds all in the same day, not what your thinking though, no tractors here, we plough the fields with pieces of wood with nails in, the spades are pieces of wood that we will be using to make the drainage system and the seeding is all done by hand too.If thats not hard enough its 42 degrees and its scorching. 

Once i have finished there i will be working on the website forPassing Clouds II who kindly asked me to do the work as im relying on bits of work coming in to help support me while i am here. 

Already had a meeting with the local bank manager who helps the community in as many ways as he can already and will be back again on Tuesday to open an account for peoples donations which will help provide pens, pencils etc for the children. As well as already helping set up 2 schools which we start here on wednesday they have a mainstream school which runs in the morning provided by the government but still this is only very basic, and have been invited there to discuss our program and see if we can start implementing it there too as well as the places where there are no schools. 

Its just so amazing the help we can provide but this is no walk in the park by all means, me an Miles Hingston are slogging our guts out here with very little sleep, we knew we could get this to work, we had faith and we ourselves. 

Soon the people of Bali will be empowered enough themselves with a good education plan and people to go with it to make Bali Balinese again, Western influence only comes to rape what these people have and its making a mockery of mankind. 

Thanks everyone for making me write about this, Although doing it makes me part of what is happening, the writing about it really drills it home what these people deal with on a daily basis :) 

Peace all

When you come to a country like Bali you have to live and work with the locals to get a better understanding of their lives. Its Saturday and there is always so much to do. At 6am this morning i was at the rice fields for sunrise to make sure we keep the birds away from the rice fields,its harvest day today so we go back around noon and we get to work.

After We had finished at the rice fields this morning around 8am i went with the locals and taught them how to sharpen and keep sharpen the blades and knives they use for farming and fishing, cooking etc. They were really pleased how sharp i got the knives and once i had shown them i got them to do it while i watched and guided. 

In a few mins i head back to the school for 2 hrs to help a little more there before the harvest. After all this il be working on a few of my own things and then will take it easy for the evening. 

I will be out again at 6am with the locals going fishing, not with nets or fishing rods but the traditional Balinese way. 

After 2 weeks in Lovina i feel like part of the village already and not a tourist, these people really know how to make you feel at home and welcome, they may lead simple lives but their heart is in the right place. Its good to be able to come and help these people and is one of the most satisfying things i have ever done, thank you world!!

Ok so i havent been as active with my blog as i would have liked to have been so now is the time to change all that. Here is a little bit about me and what has changed over the last 12 months and will now also keep this blog up to date with what i am doing and the progress that we make along the way.... hope you all will follow and hopefully everyone will do something someday that may make a difference to others.

Peace out all.

For those who are wondering what the hell i am doing at the moment i will explain.


12 months ago i decided i had enough of people and the system and no longer wanted to be a part of it, i changed the way i wanted to live and decided i was no longer going to work for money but for donations of food and shelter etc. I have lived and worked like this now for 12 months and i am loving how things are going, its not always easy but like anything you take the rough with the smooth.


One of the things i started doing a while ago was trying to help set up community projects with people from my home town this gave me the foundations of what i wanted to do in life. I decided that i wanted to help children as this has always been one of my desires.


We have pulled together with a few of us that have been working on a few different projects on sustainable living and education. We have an accelerated learning program where we take children that speak no english to learning english it 2 days and will be qualified in 5 days..... hard to believe? well we are already doing it.


We will not only use the technique for english but for all other subjects too.


I am now with 5 friends and others are joining us in Bali, Indonesia where we can now get this implemented.


So how did i get here if i work for no money? Well i have been working for a doctor for a while with a cancer help centre for free and he agreed to fund the flight. He gave me enough money to last a week which is what i asked for, this is nearly run out and was just enough for food, i sleep where i can and have no problem living with nothing as long as we get to implement the system. The only funding we are looking for is for pens, books, and everything else that we need to get this moving at a fast pace.


With our man Floody involved we may just be looking at one computer per child in all of these schools too.

Here they have to pay for education and pens etc are expensive, we have had football strips donated and there are plenty more from the same place to be sent over so the help we are getting is unbelievable.


We have invites to Nepal, Africa and other countries to implement this too, will have some more info and websites running next couple of days for them who want to follow our progress.


To add to all of this we have also just been asked to do a TED Talk too, life is crazy, life is good.


Thanks everyone :)


Tuesday, 20 July 2010 01:15

SEO and why do we need it.

Why do we need SEO

While we can see the code behind the server or the back end of a website. does it actually work as you want it. What is the point of having a website and you cant be found. There maybe 467.000 pages for what you are searching for. How are you going to be found if you are the last website on the net. How many pages do you scroll through before giving up your search or changing the the way you ask for the information.

When you build a website whether it is a blog,for a small business, for a corporate company, if you want to succeed, then you need to get yourself out there for the world to see. You may think that building a website for this fantastic product that you have found, will be coded and ready with a few weeks and you can sit back and watch the pennies roll in. This is where a lot of online businesses fail and the ones that are not online or don't have any real SEO fail to maximise their own potential customer base or targets.

Google, MSN, Yahoo and other search engines dont just decide that you get that listing, the more traffic you can generate the higher you go to the top, there are also a lot of other factors involved. Relativity, Domain name, the server it is hosted on, footer links, there is a lot more than just a few meta titles and meta descriptions needed to help you get where you need to be, at the top and in with a chance.

SEO is another way of saying Internet Marketing. Market your product properly and it could be the difference between growing or becoming another website lost in out web space. Over the next few months i will be explaining the do's and don'ts and the steps needed in getting your website noticed. Everything i will show you is free and we will aim at everything organically, no paying for adwords and sponsored listings. I will also be explaining analytics and other tools so that you can track your website and find the pages that need to be improved. SEO is a long term process, the more work you do the more chance you have of surviving in the dog eat dog world of being top dog!