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Monday, 08 June 2015 19:27

[Review] Mad Max - Fury Road

sooo....I've seen "Mad Max: Fury Road" last night. I expected nothing good, because already "Thunderdome" was horrible, and Mad Max without Mel Gibson? smelled a lot like "let's grab some big bucks by abusing the fame of the first 2 movies".

and I was totally right: "Fury road" IS absolute garbage. don't get me wrong, as standalone movie it wouldn't be THAT horrible (maybe 4/10 in my book), but advertising it as a Mad Max movie...what a joke.

I had a huge "um, what?" moment already after the silly pseudo-"Road Warrior" prelude, when Max stands besides his car. sooo....he went to one of the numerous "Mad Max car kit" shops which obviously exist in George "Greedy" Miller's dystopia and bought a new one? I mean, he must, because the car was blown into pieces in "Road Warrior".

but ok, logic doesn't mean much when all you are out for is the cash I guess.

the "new Max", after long years in the outback, also seems to suffer from severe psychological problems now, because his personality totally changed. in the prelude it is said that it's about "survival", but no, Max was never about that, he always was just running away from his demons of the past, and he also was not able to build relationships with other people anymore leave alone falling in love again after what happened in the first movie (remember how he didn't care about that blonde amazon hottie in "Road Warrior?).

but what happens? he falls in love, protects damsels in distress for no personal gain, fires out silly punchlines like a 80's action movie hero and he also fights like one now. of course his knee, which was blown with a shotgun by Bubba Zanetti in the first movie, and which was still the same years later in "Road Warrior" healed because of the healthy outback air in the meantime...I guess. and because of a lizard diet he also looks pretty chunky now, after all post-nuclear apokalypse days in the hot desert seem to be not bad for your health at all...good to know.


so yeah, as I said at the start, for a standalone movie I would give it a 4(maybe 5) out of 10, but for a "Mad Max" movie it is a total 0. George Miller should have called Kevin Costner instead and asked how much it is to call a movie "Reverse Waterworld", because that title would have fit SO much better.

and if Miller makes his threats true and REALLY comes out with 2 more movies (big glass of Star Wars anyone?) I will not bother anymore watching one of them. fuck you George Miller, go back to making kid's movies again.

Thursday, 06 June 2013 13:35

2600 - the dumbfuck collective

I had the great "pleasure" of wasting some time on an extremely silly and even more pointless group on FB: the 2600 one, so here is my judgement.

first of all, on Facebook? really? how much of a hacking mindset can you have when getting on your knees and sucking the smelly cock of FB TOS and therefore having to censor your oh-so-high-valued free speech on every single thread just to avoid getting your lame asses banned by one of those faceless corporations you all hate so much (and obviously can't stop talking about HOW MUCH you hate those evil evil eviiiiil corporate capitalists)? and no, please don't come up with silly arguments like "rocking the cardbox from the inside, that's why we use FB"...the truth is: none of you has the balls, money and skills to run a community website. and again, don't come up with silly arguments like "but 2600 has a website!", because: no, it hasn't. what is has is a ugly pile of 90's-looking crapcode that is all about wanking money out of people by selling your retarded zine. I could set up that site in Wordpress within 30 minutes with even more and up to date features. btw, one thing that REALLY made me laugh on this "site" was the announcement of a meeting fasten your seatbelts: Burger King. holy shanizzlez...being on FB and meeting at Burger King...oh you subversive rebels!


next point, let's have a look at the topics on this valuable FB group (as valuable as a fart under a blanket I mean). what obviously moves the mind of the modern "hackers" (see that as placeholder term for now, I will define the average 2600 FB member later) nowadays is: 3D printing guns, Bradley Manning, and, of course, as biggest part, the Adrian Lamo show. concept of the Adrian Lamo show is to brag and brag and brag endlessly about yourself and how famous you are (10 cent for each of his threads that starts with "people often ask me..." and I would be Jon Lajoie rich) without actually having done ANYTHING valuable except maybe for a silly hack more than 10 years ago. I don't go into that "snitch" thing, because I don't give a rat's ass about the cult of Lamo OR Annoymuch.


aaand next: the users. oh my gawd. where am I supposed to start. let's hit this in a mathematical way, ok?

- females 15-20%, females that are NOT there for being Lamo groupies: 0.1% (of those 15-20%)

- people that can actually code (I am generous and would even count the ability to do "Hello World!" in Bash): 5%

- plain bullshitters: 95%

- people with a politically correct mindset (which is quite the exact opposite of the hacker's mindset because those people are locked inside their self-censored self-righteous thought ghetto and are not capable to think outside the box): 90%

- PC mindset people that actively want to indoctrinate and teach others because they feel superior: 70% (of the 90%). a great example is Zachary Drummond who provided some mindblowing...erm...facepalming I mean...insights into his biogas inflated ego by posting "my IQ is 165 but I work at Subway making sandwiches" on his FB wall. on his LinkedIn page he also shows off with his "MS Office skills" wonder why NASA didn't call him yet. or the "Pirateparty" boy Raymond Johansen who thinks writing like a 13 year old 4chan addict with down syndrome is hacky and cyber-hip: IT knowledge on the other hand: nada.


I have to admit being a member of the 2600 FB group can cause some self-running dynamics because you think you are getting real feedback when posting something, but when you look at the quality of feedbacks (content or people) I prefer to talk to the underarm fungus of the next homeless guy I meet, I am sure it's way more interesting...and out of the box.

Well, no big blahblah, I come straight to the point.  You will have to set your location to USA when signing up, simply because the number you will provide to FB/gmail will be a US one.


  • call (206) 376-1000
  • when you have reached the "set up a greeeting message" part wait 2 seconds, then finish it (you need the time to enter the security code later)
  • enter the provided number in gmail/facebook
  • call your voicemail box after some minutes
  • the first time the verification number is announced the first 1-2 numbers are missing, but the 2nd time you will get it


After the verification you can use any kind of IP you like (through Tor for example), after too many IP changes you might have to repeat the procedure, so give your voicemail box a call once a week so the account is not deleted. - They claim to be a "safe haven" and even the "facebook for fetishists".

A few weeks ago I had to become member of that site to gather info about a specific user, that user deactivated his/her account after being confronted so I had to take a closer look at the site in order to see how I can retrieve info. And ok, I admit it was also fun to elaborate how bad the site is actually managed and designed (in a technical sense).


So, let's begin, first the maybe most severe violation of user rights:

--All your base are belong to us---

As user you can upload pics and videos of you washing your car, how you're knitting a scarf, or how you brutally murder your 90 year old neighbor with a soldering iron...the content is not reviewed. But wait, to view the videos of others you have to pay a monthly fee. Yes, you heard right, they demand money for providing material that is not theirs and share nothing of the gain. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

But ok, many people love to be ripped off, not my problem. But what I see as a big problem is that a user seems to give away any form of ownership for the uploaded material to fetlife without being told. I had a pretty ridiculous email convo with one of the "caretakers" (you can say what you want about the fetlife owners, but they seem to have a nice sense for sarcasm by calling them "caretakers", imo "not-a-shit-givers" would fit much better):


  • First I created a profile, uploaded a pic and deleted the pic again. It was gone from the profile but not from their CDN server. After a day the pic was still there, so I asked for an explanation about this.
  • Their reply: "pics are deleted after max. 48 hours, if not please let us know". Erm, what? What kind of answer is that? Either the pics are gone after "max. 48 hours" or not, smelled really fishy for me.
  • Ok, and as expected: 48 hours later the pic is still there. Another mail was send about this issue. answer: none.
  • Aaaand another email was sent by me 1 day later (pic of course still online), this time a little more harsh, reminding them about copyright violation, right of publicity, etc.
  • Got a reply this time: "it is still there because you access it, the timer is set back again every time". Ok, sounded kinda logic, just one problem: The pics are hotlinkable. So if a user deletes his profile but the pic is shown on another page (without permission of course) it would make the pic stay online. Is it just me or is this plain stupid? Anyway, I wanted to check out if they told the truth, so I uploaded another pic again, deleted it, waited 5 days (!) and, well, you guessed it: still there.
  • Sent another email about this, no reply anymore.


When reading the "terms of use" I stumbled over a strange paragraph:

"Woldwide 30 day license to distribute, reproduce and transmit"? And erm..."The license shall terminate 30 days after you remove your content"?

Ooook....forget that legal jibberish and name it: All your base are belong to us. Period. Geez. Was it that hard?

But hmm, in a not-so-hidden part (you know, one a user might really read) they show off with their privacy awesomeness:

"Information you provide us

Content: Anything posted on your profile can be removed at any time... it is your profile after all."

Sounds a little different, more "safe haven" like, than it actually is stated in the terms of use, right?


---We are secure, no, really!---

This one made me really laugh:

"Steps we take to protect your information

  • We encrypt your password
  • We use SSL to log in
  • We protect you from XSS vulnerabilities"


  • W00t! Encrypted passwords! Amazing what is possible today, isn't it? I bet my kinky fetish ass it's MD5, maybe salted. Just a little snack for my rainbow tables or mr. cats' GPU cracker. Ok, I think I take my W00t! back again.
  • SSL! Wow! Like banks? Bite my shiny metal ass, I'm so impressed. Well, ok, after a MITM attack maybe not that impressed anymore. Stop selling flawed standards as "security", geez.
  • No XSS! Really! But if you find one let us know. Duh. What about setting up a nice cookie-grabbing JS script on another server and use tinyurl links? Again: duh.


But hey, at least we use the latest techniques to protect the pics on the profiles!

Quiet you. Disabling the rightclick context via JS is not just really 90's it was already ridiculous back then.

But no need to deactivate JS, the direct link to the CDN can of course also be found in the source anyway.


Another "really secure" thing are their picture URLs. Want the big version of a pic but you can only see a thumbnail? No problem. Simply open the thumbnail, replace _60.jpg with _720.jpg. Done.


---Damn, ok, you're right, that site sucks! I will close my account!---

Not so fast young padavan. There is a 1 week waiting period. But hey, your account is deactivated instantly, all safe until it's deleted (ok, except for the pics and vids, but we own them now anyway).

Hm, ok, sorry, once again: bullshit. When you deactivate your account on a website, what do you expect? "It's not accessible anymore", right? Well, not on faillife..erm..sorry...fetlife.

When the account is deactivated there it still appears in the search results, and the comments you made (or others made about your saucy pics, shown on their profiles) stay online


So, you can simply copy the user profile URL from a comment (for example), then add one of the profile sub-pages, like /friends, and voila: Access to the "deactivated" profile.


---FFS! I will post this on their site, then they will fix it! HA!---

Dream on n00b. I have reported those issues and got banned for it. Funny thing is that the ones that are actually responsible for the site can not be reached on the site...well, ok, that's what they say (email the "caretakers"!), but when a user was pretty pissed off because he payed money and wasn't able to view the vids (paying money for porn, really?) one of the owners suddenly showed up. Weird huh? But if it's not about money the site is run by the users. Really, I am not kidding: by the users. If you are REALLY bored you can troll the site all day and not get banned until enough pissed off users sent complaint mails about you. New account: 10 seconds, no email validation.



Yarr!! Safe haven? Looks more like Pearl Harbor to me.


---A private note---

Just because you wear leather pants, like to stick needles through a girls skin, or call yourself something like "master" you are not superior to others, quit taking yourself that serious people, else you will only be good for laughs.

It is also no "lifestyle" to swing a whip and to be a member on "facebook for fetishists". May I quote Miss Jen: "I go to work for a living, that's my lifestyle." Amen.



Saturday, 21 August 2010 20:20

Mulder, Scully, help!

Earlier I just came back from biking and wanted to check my emails, for the account I got a nice "connection failed"

Ok, there was a pretty extensive OS update a few hours before, so I restarted the mail server to see if maybe something kinda stuck during the update procedure....but nope, still the same. So I used telnet to connect to the mail server to check for the general functionality, and it worked....but wait...why to hell do I get the greeting message of the old vserver (where suck-o v1 was on) instead of the new dedicated...and again: WTF?!


next: ping returned the old IP! the fun part: ping returned the proper one...XD

I suspected the domain service to have problems, so I prepared everything to move the domain to my own registrar service, but first I wanted to make sure not to cause a downtime of 1-2 hours because of a problem on my I pinged from one of my other servers, and it worked fine! so I suspected my ISP and called a buddy to ask him to check for his ping replies (he uses another ISP), and there we go: it worked properly for him.


as last test I decided to boot into Win7 (did 2 XP reboots and 2 ipfconfig /flushdns already without any effect), and on Win7 all was fine...XD

so I booted back into XP and already thought about where to look for the problem, because I knew it must be on XP.....but now: all fine again!

the best part I don't understand at all is: where to hell XP got the old suck-o IP from? it's not possible that it was cached somewhere because I did a full new XP setup a week ago, and there isn't even a website on the old server anymore that I could have visited in the meantime.....maybe my computer was kidnapped by aliens last night, who knows...

Friday, 23 July 2010 13:11

Disappointment again

So about 2 days  ago I received the wheels that I ordered. I knew they were going to be small but man they just wont fit this frame that I had made. This is always my problem, being married my wife wont allow me to spend a lot of cash on "toys" as she calls it. Thus said, I have to find parts from old or broke systems and often that make its difficult for me to get projects going. This specific project will have to wait for wheels. Next time I see a kid in my neighborhood playing with an RC toy - if its got good wheels on it, I am going to run up and take it from them.

Nevertheless I have a new and better idea. I am still going to make a robot just in a smaller frame and using a smaller battery. Stay tuned...

Monday, 19 July 2010 17:11




Chassis –


Today I started to build the chassis of the robot. One small hurdle that could not be avoided was the size of aluminum sheets that I could use / obtain. The 12” by 12” sheets of metal heavily influenced the overall size and look of the bot.


Chassis full


I cut the side pieces out using a band saw and filed down the edges. Finishing up the clean look was done with a countersink tool. This way the screws will set flush on the exterior. For the battery pan I measured 12” x 7&7/8”. This allowed for a 1/16 inch bend allowance on each side. The bends were wrapped up using a finger break. The total demissions for the battery pan are 12” long by 6” wide. I am installing the mini siren and you can see in the pictures that there is plenty of room for other goodies.




This week the wheels should arrive and I will be able to make the hubs on the mill. I am already thinking of colors and programming ideas…



Sunday, 10 January 2010 18:59

Finally...v2 is there!

wohooo....after a hard time of development (aka. the world of pain) V2 is finally there!

thanks to all who supported me, I will not list any names because I would most likely forget one...^^