b_b rant #4: Skrillex. Print
Written by bad_brain   
Monday, 10 December 2012 20:02


choo-choooooo!! yes, the bad_brain hate train is still rolling, and today it makes a stop at Skrillex.



first, dear Skrillex, I have to make you a compliment: your concept is 100% coherent. your name is as stupid as your "music" and your look. children, that's what happens when you are at a rave party and someone sells you a mix of the Yaba tablets he ordered online crumbled and pressed together with meth and something that kinda showed up in a test tube after a more than failed MDMA DIY experiment in daddy's garage.


after having a bunch of these you can have really bizarre ideas like "I will shave the side of my head and wear silly hipster glasses because I want to look like a retarded asshole version of Bono" (which means the retarded asshole version of a retarded asshole).....oh AND: "I will call myself DJ/musician/whatever now and make people think my stuff is original and inventive".

don't do drugs.

ok, but well...everyone can feel free to look as retarded as he wants to, as long as good music is made, right? well, bad luck for Squirrel-Ex again. All stolen, and not even in a clever way. Take 1/3 of Aphex Twin, 1/3 of the worst european wannabe-techno you can find (best example: YT for "Blümchen"), mix it together with what is left of dubstep after the music industry raped it to death: voila...Skrillex. (want REAL dubstep? look for acts like Kromestar and especially Digital Mystikz, 5 years ago)

don't steal.

boring, mediocre, mainstream, always the same. and the oh-so-cool videos? lame. want to see great music videos with great electronic music? reach into the "really inventive and intelligent" shelf, you can find artists like Squarepusher and (again) Aphew Twin there...with videos directed by the amazing super-weirdo Chris Cunningham.



P.S. on a personal note (as if the post wouldn't have been my personal note already anyway), also check Christoph De Babalon, I can not praise that guy enough when it's about electronic music.


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