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Written by bad_brain   
Monday, 05 November 2012 20:05

Yes, dear ladies and gentlemen, time for a new rant. This one is about another plague of the internet, as annoying as the "gangbang style" video (I might have a little typo in there), and as facepalm-causing as the cyber-hipster'ish abuse of # (notice how cool and correct I used it in the title btw).

suck-o e-card small

I can not even describe how much I hate them. e-cards are the equivalent of spam mails, but spam mails are actually sometimes very funny because of the lame attempts to trick you or because of the really bad english. e-cards are not funny. no Sir. ever imagined the people "creating" those cards? I bet they have a pile of old newspapers from the 70's and sticky water-damaged tear-off calendars from the same decade, and from there they got all those oh-so-smart-and-really-funny precious little wisdoms, and together with the idiotic 2-3 dozen different (royalty-free because from the 30's or whenever) images they fiddle together those images on their 1993 JASC Paintshop. I am sure there are even e-card sweatshops.



what the hell is wrong with the people posting e-cards? I mean, really? instead of searching for an e-card why not using the time to write something yourself? posting an ecard to someone is like visiting his house and as guest present you bring a 20 cent chocolate bar you got from the gas station right down the street...actually more one you just found on the street.

it might sounds a little radical, but I demand concentration camps for e-card posters in every bigger city. during the day they can do dirty work, and with the money they make there they can buy hours in the concentration camp LAN. in that LAN they can post e-cards from the local (DMZ of course) e-card server back and forth to each other. the rest of net would stay clean then. Romney, Obama, fuck off...vote for me.

use your brain, don't use e-cards. don't let them dumb you down to link-copy-and-pasters.



feel free to download the suck-o e-card of truth in full size here and distribute it!

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