Gangnam - no style. Print
Written by bad_brain   
Tuesday, 30 October 2012 19:50

Sometimes it's better to leave things in the dark. I might visit the doctor tomorrow, better to do a check for eye-, ear- and brain-cancer before it is too late. Yes boys and girls, after I have seen a retarded clip in a news (!) show about some even more retarded guy in the USA that decorated his house for Halloween in "Gangnam Style" I took the risk and finally watched the "Gangnam Style" music clip. Ok, I didn't really watched it, I skipped through it quickly because I was (and still am) afraid of permanent damages to my soul.

Holy motherfuckin baby Jesus Christ - this is horrible!

First of all, anyone remember that "I'm a barbie girl" clip by "Aqua"? Plays in the same league, but at least you were able to stay halfway sane when watching it by focusing on the pretty hot girl in "Gangnam Style" they took her away and replaced her by a disgusting chubby korean with a "I just pooped in my pants - and I love it!" face expression. This is not a music video - This is a declaration of war against anyone with traces of a brain, an own mind, and yes: style.

Anyone linking that video should be punished by the removal of the CTRL, C and V keys. Multiple linking should lead to forced amputation of both hands.