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Friday, 19 October 2012 11:49

News from the fountain of IT illiteracy: suck-o threatened with an DMCA complaint from fetlife

a while ago I wrote a little article in my blog about the ridiculous security concept and the privacy-choking ToS of fetlife. as stated in my article the owners of that site are not really happy about people taking a peek behind their self-proclaimed "safe haven" image. so last night they started a devastating ridiculous attempt to stomp on what we all love: freedom of speech.  how? by threatening suck-o with a DMCA complaint about some kind of imaginary screenshot images contained in that post (you know, the ones an IT pro would have removed already even before a complaint could have been filed, simply because he can read access logs and find names online).



oh how scared amused I was when I saw that. don't even know where to start, but I will try:


  • first of all the message was sent through the contact form, the complainant ("expert" for media, copyrights, and generally an IT pro) was obviously not able to do a WHOIS lookup and so had to ask "where do I have to send a complaint to?"
  • and yeah, if the complainant (let's call her "Miss Farce") "don't get a reply within 24 hours she will send a complaint to the IP host"....later in the message the "IP host" was also called "carrier" by her. girl, it is NOT ok to make me laugh that hard so early in the morning, I almost spluttered my tea over my sweet Cherry know, the one with the MX gold switches. the ones IT pros use. maybe some day I will understand what my phone carrier has to do with the website, but I doubt it.



threatening someone with US laws is kinda odd when neither the complainant nor the "offender"  are located in the USA. I might file a complaint about Miss Farce for talking to me without having a male relative by her side and without wearing a burka, that's illegal in Iran. later when I go out of the house I will collect some nice stones already for the festivities.


on a private note: Dear Miss Farce, would you have tried such a silly legal stunt too if the article would have been about "how great fetlife is"? no, you wouldn't. I am sorry if you folks over at your little private asylum are that easily butthurt, but what about fixing the flaws on your site instead of just trying to remove the evidence for it? but ok, that's what an IT pro would do. maybe hard to do that on a cellphone or something.


anyway, the article is still online, you can not take away our freedom to express ourselves and to provide information to others. fail(life).

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