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Category: Development
Number of Subcategories: 20
Assembly Files: 3
Basic Files: 2
C Files: 2
CMS Files: 9

Files related to content management systems, like plugin, modules, etc.

Cpp Files: 2
Crawler - Search engines Files: 2
CSS Files: 1
Development Environments Files: 10
Editors Files: 5

Text editors, hex editors, etc...

Graphics Files: 7
HTML Files: 5
Java Files: 7
Misc. Files: 8
Pascal Files: 1
Perl Files: 1
PHP - MySQL Files: 13
Python Files: 8
Ticket- and support-systems Files: 3
Webdev in general Files: 4
Windows Files: 11

Development in context with Microsoft OSs, like the creation of installers, etc.

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No files available yet for this category!