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Sunday, 08 May 2011 22:15

Trials and Tribulations Featured

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I've been so confused about the hashing of the password and salt. Fortunately I posted on Reddit last night to the crypto subreddit and someone answered with a clear answer. I had misunderstood what was needed. I had assumed that I needed the DES encryption scheme, but I was corrected to using the Unix crypt(3) hash function. So now I have a working tripcode generator. I think the next step forward is to make a custom string class. I'll post the source code on the forums. This is not really efficient since I'm using the C++ string class. Also I'm changing milestones.


  • Correctly generate salt from plaintext - [Done]
  • Correctly generate tripcode from given plaintext - [Done]
  • Find or implement efficient string class
  • Implement key generator
  • Refine crypt.c to use Bitslicing
  • Refine crypt.c to use bit slicing on CUDA
  • Implement GUI user interface
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